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About Us

How It All Began

Once upon a time, Charles Ulrich retired from his job of 40 years. He didn't like all this new free time and needed a new hobby. His son, Tom, suggested they purchase this Ice Cream store that was for sale. Tom said he would do all the work, but Charles went on to sit in the back office everyday for 12 hours a day ensuring his new business was running up to his extremely high standards. 
As time passed, so did Charles and now The Dairy Depot is run by Tom and 2 of his children, Mandy and Dustin.

Not only did Charles leave an amazing legacy but he also continues to serve the community with the very special and extra tasty Chilli recipe!
We thrive on being a family owned local business and we thoroughly enjoy being a favorite in our local community. 

 At Oregon Dairy Depot, we have a passion for sharing our love of food and ice cream with everyone we meet. Since we first opened our doors back in 1994, we’ve been devoted to offering the highest-quality products at affordable prices.
Thanks to our food-conscious consumers and amazing vendors, with whom we’ve built such special relationships, Oregon Dairy Depot has become a popular Ice Cream Shop. We look forward to serving the local community for years to come.
Please be sure to visit our other locations, Rudy's Dairy Depot and Homestead Variety Carryout. 

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